Who We Are

Coachman Moore & Associates Inc. (CMA) is an organizational and community development consulting firm that supports realization of change in health and human services organizations. Founded in 1987 by Valerie Coachman-Moore, MPH, our work is conducted with a deep appreciation of the ability of individuals and organizations to engage in participatory, strategic, action-oriented solutions. Our broad base of experience brings together the best of participant engagement, transformation, learning, and leadership development. Known for our encouraging yet firm facilitation style, CMA supports individuals and organizations as they construct systems and practices that hold dreams and aspirations in an environment of transformation and change.

President and CEO

Valerie Coachman-Moore, MPH

Valerie Coachman-Moore, MPH

Valerie Coachman-Moore, MPH is founder and CEO of Coachman Moore & Associates Inc. (CMA). She has over three decades of professional experience in organizational and community development and is well regarded for her expertise, supportive techniques, and ability to make change happen in invigorating and engaging ways.


Valerie is a skilled executive coach and facilitator with a long history of successful interventions that have mobilized individuals and groups to implement sustainable solutions for a variety of complex organizational, neighborhood, and community matters. Her philosophy drives the success of CMA and supports clients in philanthropic, governmental, health, and human services organizations

CMA's work catalyzes practice and system change across various sectors while providing technical assistance and hands-on management services to clients

Interacting directly with individuals and organizations, CMA supports philanthropic, governmental, health, faith-based and human services organizations through an array of facilitation and coaching modalities.

Our Clients

Coachman Moore & Associates Inc. (CMA) provides leadership development, technical assistance and hands on management services as well as coaching, facilitation, community and leadership development, team building; capacity strengthening methods, strategic and program planning; community engagement, Youth Master Planning, organizational culture; community assessment; and fund and resource development. Our clients are primarily governments and institutions, foundations, nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, schools, and intermediaries.