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Who We Are

A team of experts with a broad base of experience bringing together the best of participant empowerment, transformation, and leadership


Our Mission

We support individuals and organizations as they construct systems and practices in an environment of transformation.

Our Vision

Individuals and organizations engaged in participatory, strategic, action-oriented solutions to change systems and practices to promote well-being.


Providing Leadership Solutions to Grow Your Organization

We Have More Than 30+ Years Practical Experience

CMA’s work in the areas of executive coaching, group facilitation, leadership development, and community and team building allows individuals within an organization to discover their unique voice while deepening relationships and affinity to organizational values and culture.


In our work with participatory capacity strengthening methods and strategic and program planning, CMA successfully invigorates and ignites possibilities for all types of constituents. As experts in the field of community assessment, CMA has successfully spearheaded multiple projects to completion.